Dudka V.T. Pigareva A.V. Litvinova E.S. Konoplya A.I. Статья в формате PDF 108 KB Pathology of the liver in the last years is more often caused by the influence of different by nature and origin aggressive environmental factors on the organism. For all that, multi-factorial disturbances of the liver, that are nowadays insufficiently examined, are especially actual. In particular, the peculiarities of morpho-functional disturbances in liver in its acute toxicosis by hepatotropic poisons in conditions of prolonged effect of constant magnetic field (CMF) are studied friedly, thus became the aim of our work.

The experiments were made on the Vistar line rats of 120-180 gr. mass. Acute toxic disturbance of the liver was evoked by the injection of 50 % oil solution of CCI4 (tetrachloric carbon) in the dosis of 3 ml/kg five times with 24-hour interval. CMF, equal to nature geomagnetic influence in the regions of magnetic anomalies by tension, was artificially created by the device, composed of highly-stabilized direct power supply and two Helmholtz`s rings, inside of which magnetic field of 3x10-4 TL was created.

Experimental rats with acute toxic disturbance of the liver were divided into thee groups:1 st -animals with acute toxic disturbance of the liver, which had not been affected by the influence of CMF ; 2hd - intact animals, which were placed persistently during 28 days in the Helmholtz`s rings` CMF;3rd - rats with acute toxic disturbance of the liver in conditions of CMF influence, where animals after poisoning continued to stay for 28 days. Intact rats were the control group. On the 1, 7, 14, 21, 28 day of the experiment animals were killed under etheric narcosis and morphological changes in the liver using histological and histochemical methods of research were studied, biochemic indeces reflecting the functional condition of the liver were also defined. Digital data were statistically processed.

It was established, that in the liver of the first group of animals starting already from the first day after acute CCI4 poisoning, significant dystrophical and necrobiotic processes with the development of cytolitic, cholestatic and immune-inflammatory syndromes, hepatocyte insufficiency, degradation of the liver synthetic function were found. In the next periods of the experiment the expression degree of the changes gradually lowered along with almost full recovery of the shown morpho-functional disturbances by the third week of the experiment.

CMF influence (2nd group of animals) caused the development of low-expressed hyaline-drop dystrophy of hepatocytes in liver, followed by functional disturbances in form of a strong (keeping on all stages of experiment) insufficiency of the synthetic function of cells.

In the animals of the third group liver severe protein and lipid dystrophy, central necroses of hepatocytes developed. Functional disturbances in the series of characters were similar to those in the first experimental group, except cytolitic, cholestatic and immune-inflammatory syndromes, the degree of which was provely higher. Alongside, the maximal degree of expression of the listed morpho-functional disturbances in liver were kept during two weeks of the experiment, and only on the third week inflammaty processes started to develop, but there was no full recovery of morphological changes of liver and its function by the end of the experiment.

Thus, acute CCI4 poisoning and persistent influence of CMF in isolated usage is followed by a series of structural and functional disturbances in the experimental animals liver, but the strongest and constant morpho-functional disturbances develop during combined affect of hepatotropic toxicant and CMF.

Работа представлена на научную конференцию с международным участием «Климат и окружающая среда», 20-23 апреля 2006г., г.Амстердам (Голландия). Поступила в редакцию 24.03.2006г.

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