Профессиональная иноязычная коммуникация в технической сфере

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In modern times the production processes become more and more complex. Every passing day demands new requirements for technique, its existence in enterprises and such moments can significantly accelerate the manufacture. Not sufficient abilities of human resources and their low working speed forced to look for better ways to improve the performance of enterprises in different industries.

Automation appeared to help humanity. It´s the process which handover management and control functions to automatic devices and instruments. Thus, It helps not only to increase efficiency, but also improve the quality of products and create optimal conditions for all production resources.

Unfortunately, nowadays, domestic automation products and other high-tech equipment are almost not produced. Companies are forced to work with foreign partners and suppliers of equipment. But, it causes problems which are connected with language barrier. Means of professional foreign language communication help to overcome these problems. English is an accepted business language, generally speaking. Professional foreign language communication is used for negotiations, procurements, experience exchange, etc. Thus, There is a need to have some employees who speak English fluently. This skill can really facilitate the work and be useful in different situations, ranging from organization of negotiations to translation of instructions.

The necessity of using the English language at high level is awared by a growing number of managers, directors and other key figures of Russian companies, who represent Russia on the international market. The sooner Russian specialists speak the universal language of business communication, the more convenient it is for foreign partners to work with us. Consequently, they entrust the great expectations with potential of the Russian Federation.

В ОПЕК думают о Ярославле

12 апреля в Ярославле многое изменится. Рассматривая вопрос о вступлении России в ОПЕК, страны картеля решили открыть свое представительство именно в Ярославле, на улице Циолковского. Александр Алексеевич Котенков, как официальный представитель Администрации Президента, высоко оценил этот шаг, а Михаил Блох , будущий глава представительства, пообещал как можно более выгодные результаты для обеих сторон.