Krasnoperova A.G. Статья в формате PDF 221 KB The president of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin in " the Message to Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation " (on May, 26, 2004) unequivocally considers, that " today vocational training has no steady connection with a labour market " and at sufficient " quantity of diplomaed experts at us deficiency of the qualified personnel sharply necessary for the country " [1] is kept. . It is quite obvious, that sources of these problems are connected to not optimum performance of system of professional continuous education in Russia, including subsystems in which preparation of experts for consumers´ cooperative society is carried out. For realization of this problem we solve the problem about professional social status of persons in system of consumers´ cooperative society. The process of finding the position in society and in labour is process of becoming of the person. .Professional growing of a person as process of self-determination and ocurrence of the person in a trade is determined by us as the process including vocational counselling, professional self-determination, professional adaptation, development of professional consciousness, professionally labour growing. The professional environment in which the person improves itself in concrete labour conditions, strongly influences professional development and becoming of the person. System process of professional growing, which essence professional gradual self-determination and "ocurrence" trained in a trade during their professional educational becoming. Thus professional growing we shall examine as system of the interconnected and mutually conditioned subsystems, some of which are described in the pedagogical and psychological literature as locally - detached, and an educational complex " liceum - college - high school " as a subsystem of the general system of continuous education and the connected construction in it of pedagogical work on professional optimum social growing trained during their professional educational becoming. Vocational counselling is a starting point of professional social growing . Even subsequently changing a trajectory of the professional becoming the young man will feel obviously or implicitly influence of vocational counselling and more confidently, considered and carefully to choose a trade or a field of activity if he has been carried out qualitatively. So, it is interconnected and mutually conditioned with the previous stage can to proceed professional social growing as dynamic process of becoming of the person in professional area - the major sphere of social being. The second step of the basic school (8 - 9 grades.) - the beginning of formation of professional consciousness. Schoolboys correlate the ideals and real opportunities to the public purposes of a choice of sphere of the future activity. At this stage they are involved in active cognitive and labour activity, but simultaneously by him is assisted in mastering by techniques of diagnostics in interests of a choice of a trade.

Full average educational institution - vocational counselling on the basis of the profound studying separate subjects. The special attention is given formation of professionally significant qualities, correction of professional plans. By the pupil it is assisted in self-development and self-preparation for the elected professional work. Professional self-determination is carried out during teaching bases of sciences, during economic, labour and vocational training. With the purpose of professional self-determination at schools of the Russian Federation the rate " Bases of manufacture is stipulated. A choice of a trade ", and also - with 1994/95 Experimental rates such as " the Person. Work. A trade " (8 - 9grades) and " Professional career " (10 - 11 grades.), containing data on the world of trades, features of adaptation to them, etc. In professional self-determination the differentiated training in the specialized classes and schools, and also activity of industrial practice complexes of a various structure, creative associations is Perspective, etc. Adaptive management demands from each subject of self-management and joint management reflections of the activity therefore there is a consciousness of own actions and positions of others participants of pedagogical process. In conditions of realization of adaptive management does not exist and there can not be a universal technology. Interaction of the head and the teacher, the teacher and the pupil always situational, depends on individuality, cultural and social experience of all subjects of pedagogical system. It does not mean, that joint management -pedagogical technologies do not have a place higher level of the information on existing technologies, ways of their realization and their competent use, on the contrary, are necessary. Firm from classical didactics there is that the pupil becomes the subject of educational activity only at occurrence of the purpose of own activity. " Process of training should be focused on cultivation of this purpose " [2], therefore at a choice of technologies, construction of the didactic system the teacher should allocate one of its{her} basic characteristics, for example, mastering by the pupil guaranteed, end results of the doctrine and ways of activity. The basic criterion in a choice of technology at formation of the adaptive educational environment is as far as it can help with achievement of the following purposes: development of natural inclinations of the pupil, his abilities. So, in a complex " liceum college - high school " pupils in liceum, on 1 and 2 cources of college pass the professional optimum adaptation developing their professional, creative, organizing abilities. As a result of the lead experiment, strengthened psychological-pedagogical influence on adaptation of students in a university complex liceum -college - high school, at pupils of 1-3 cources of college such professional abilities as communicative, observation, theoretical thinking, its integrability, will to a victory, mobility, enterprise purposefulness have widely developed. Thus the validity of the results received during experiment carried out by us on Student, has proved to be true t criterion of ascertaining experiment that has made: communicative abilities +5,34, observation+3,69, theoretical thinking, its integrability +1,6, will to a victory +8,85, mobility+5,5, enterprise purposefulness +1,31.

Professional social growing in the educational environment except for the considered functions carries out very important strategic problem}: pawns bases of the professional further social growing the person during realization of labour functions. This in many respects is based and develops functions professional social growing, received in the educational environment, and is studied by such scientific areas as management of the personnel and personnel management. Such attention to the organization of the personnel, somebody´s professional optimum further social growing, it is caused by essentially increased value of the personnel in market economy (the human factor of the organizations) . So, in system of consumers´ cooperative society professional social growing of persons is solved through realized his professional self-determination, a professional choice, feasible and perspective in aspect of employment and the further development of his career that promoted by step system of preparation of experts in professional educational institutions from the worker to average special and to the top skills as it practises the Krasnodar cooperative institute (liceum -college -high school) and use of contract system of employment in the regional consumer unions of Krasnodar territory.


  1. The decree of the President of the Russian Federation from May, 26, 2004.
  2. Levites D.I.Pedagogical violence. National education.-1997. - № 10, p. 64.

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